Kansas City’s Top 5 Photography Locations

I have spent a lot of time exploring the city while photographing Kansas City Metro Area High School Families and Seniors. Here is are my top 5 favorite locations and why – including some gorgeous portraits to help convince you!

#1 Downtown Kansas City

Personally, I prefer the city setting for any photo occasion because the backdrops and opportunities are endless. I love that we can find an alley, corner, building or area to match any vibe. There is so much to offer and plus, it feels like we are just exploring the city together. Whichever nook of the city you choose, the opportunities are endless! The only bad side to choosing downtown KC is trying narrowing down where to start and having to resist the urge to stop for ice cream at Betty Raes! If you aren’t comfortable driving downtown or the possibility of street parking this might not be the best location for you.

Hanna • Downtown Kansas City MO
Jessica • West Bottoms, Kansas City MO

#2 Union Station KC

Union Station Kansas City is a staple for capturing the heart of Kansas City. It’s always the best option if the weather is less than ideal. You can dress edgy, casual, or formal. We are just a block away from a great skyline shot, the infamous Western Auto sign, The Liberty Memorial, and an urban-chic pedestrian bridge. Union Station is great for giving you that downtown city vibe with the option to step inside you want! Bonus, there is a street car stop right outside the door so if we wanted to hit another location downtown, we could easily do that! The only downside is that Union Station can be busy with patrons during certain times of the day and during prom season.

Aqueria • Union Station Kansas City MO
Heath • The Link at Union Station, Kansas City MO

#3 The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art South Lawn is the perfect portrait location for anyone who wants clean, classy, timeless portraits. The lawns are always manicured, the concrete architecture provides a beautiful backdrop, and the fall foliage is stunning. I love an elevated, dressed up style here since the big columns and steps feel so regal but ,as you can see, jeans and a t-shirt work great too. This is a top location for most Kansas City photographers during spring/fall wedding season, as a result it can get very busy at times. Parking can be tricky so make sure to allow extra time to park and link up with me. If you have weekday availability, parking will be a breeze and we just might have the place to ourselves.

Anthony • The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City MO
Trenton • The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City MO

#4 Your Hometown!

I reside in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, home to a vibrant downtown area full of local business, art and food. Twice a year it’s home to the city’s very popular carnival/festival which is a really fun opportunity for a shoot. If you don’t live in Lee’s Summit, it’s a safe bet that your hometown also has a cool area, showing off all of the greatest things about your town. There are sure to be mural walls, unique facades, cute cafe settings and much more. The best part about shooting in your hometown is that not only will it be super convenient but it will offer a tribute to the town that helped shape you!

Joseph • Harrisonville, MO
Yanijah • Blue Springs, MO

#5 Jacob L. Loose Park

Jacob L. Loose Park is gorgeous park with so much to offer. There is the Rose Garden where roses of all types that start showing off toward the end of May and June. If you are up for a little walk you’ll find a pond, massive trees, stone steps and open field. This location is wildly popular to patrons during the best weather days all year long and especially loves to show off during the Spring and Fall. You’ll need to allow extra time for parking if you are going to meet me here.

Jalen • Loose Park, Kansas City MO
Terry • Loose Park, Kansas City MO

Wow, this is my top five and I didn’t even mention so many other that I love so much. One of my favorite steps of being a photographer is learning more about you. In case you aren’t sure where to choose, once I learn a bit more about your personal style, I know we’ll land on something that feels perfect! For family portraits, I always recommend trying to imagine how the portrait setting might look once it is printed, framed and displayed in your home. Still not sure, keep an eye out for my honorable mentions and top 5 park locations!

Faith • Johns Greenhouse, Kansas City MO
Carson • West Bottoms, Kansas City MO
Harvey • Creek, Lee’s Summit MO

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